Explore johannesburg with Azziad Nasenya

Image of Azziad Nasenya Wafula smiling while rising her fingers on a plane

Am I actually stalking?Anyhoo,, Lets Travel To South Africa With Azziad

Image of Azziad Nasenya sleeping on a plane to southafrica

So,Last night Azziad only slept for 1 hours 37 minutes to be precise.A short Nap would be very essential before getting to South Africa

Kilin two birds with one stone,ehm..

Image of Azziad Nasenya At JKIA

Few minutes before taking a Nap>>>Check Original

Image of Azziad Nasenya Sleeping on the plane

Already At South Africa..The Jumpsuit really makes her look very adorable and edible...Very fine views.

Image of Azziad Nasenya Eating macandcheese

Azziad Nasenya already at her crib munching macoroni and cheese and some wine before retiring to sleep

Image of Azziad at south africa

Next day seems to be quite busy for Azziad Nasenya as she will be going for bungee jumping

Image of Azziad Nasenya doing Bungee jumping

Two,One,set Go!

Image of Azziad Nasenya IN SOUTHAFRICA


Image of  AZZIAD X DENRI - Denri Store

Azziad Nasenya

Azziad attending the Giant Entertainment company DSTV's "DELICIOUS FESTIVAL"

Image of  DSTV delicious festival

Still detouring,,I just hope she tasted some boerewors,its a famous South African meal

Image of Azziad Nasenya on a mini skirt

>>>>Check Original Content

Image of BE KIND at the back of  Azziad Nasenya Traveling to southafrica

Some Sky Diving,for some Adrenaline Junkie......

Image of Azziad skydiving in SouthAfrica Image of Azziad Instagram Post

The jumpsuit really making it look like,,,its getting down right now

Image of Azziad Instagram Post

The air bee that Azziad used to have the wonderous sky jumping.

Image of Azziad Instagram Post

Am certain Nasenya really enjoyed

Image of Azziad Instagram Post


Image of Azziad Nasenya on Instagram: “ New Bag Alert


Image of DENRI Africa - The Azziad X Denri collection

oh her stay in south africa

Image of Azziad Instagram Post

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