good day,Good month

Image of landcruiser tour van at Northern bypass

Tooday!! is a good day,Today is a good month

Image of marurui  zinnex feeds

I think today is on a thursday and I am going to be late for class and after seeing that I wont be lucky to get to class on time I decide to drag myself to school

Image of Landcruiser tourist van

Its around 630 in the am and a lowpowder is already to work

Image of northern bypass in the morning

Along the northern bypass and on my right is TOTAL THOME

Image of TOTAL THOME at northern bypass

SHACMAN tanker making the road wet due to huge ton of dust along Ruiru

Image of SHACMAN truck watering the road ruiru

Along Thika super high way ruiru section where the railway underway stretches from Kimbo to Ruiru train station.

Image of driver checking out on a landcruiser tourvan

I am very sleepy but I find out that I have 7 bucks and outside what I see is a landcruiser tourvan-manual

Image of driver in Kiambu juja JKUAT

Its quite an old tourvan

Image of landcruiser prado tourvan interior

The speedometer indicating milleage and also fuel gauge

Image of a landcruiser tourvan speedometer

After changing the system from the finished tank to the sub tank I had to make a perfect reverse to now get back on the road

Image oflandcruiser tourvan sub tank indicator

I would hav to say the onest truth a manual is better than an auto.If we are to talk about SUV'S

Image of tourvan in JUJA Holiday defensive driving school  <