Benefits of a Vehicle snorkel and how it work

We will dive through the top 100 frequently asked questions about vehicle snorkels

  1. What is the exact function of a snorkel?

  2. air at this roof level is cooler and cleaner since it is less disturbed unlike the air close to the air filter close to your engine which is hot and full of contaminants,so it can’t be used.

  3. How does a car snorkel work

  4. Vehicle engine use air to burn fuel and this air is fed into the chamber through the air filter which is located at the front of the vehicle. However if water enters,

    To the air intakes and reaches the engine part,this could do serious damage to the vehicle.

    To prevent the damage thats where snorkels come in.Vehicle snorkel is tasked with feeding the engine with cold air to keep consistent air flow.

    Vehicle snorkels assist in completing the fuel combustion cycle this allows your vehicle to access more air which in turn makes the vehicle breathe cold and clean air

  5. How To Instal Vehicle snorkels

  6. A snorkel requires a hole to be cut into your car bonnet and drilling bolts through the vehicle body then In order to fit the snorkel, one needs to disconnect the original air intake system so that the engine receives air through the snorkel.

    Once this is done, the air will reach the engine through the snorkel and not the air intakes on the front bumper

  7. Different types of Vehicle snorkels

    Ram-style snorkel

    There are two types of heads for commercial snorkel systems.The most common type is the ram type

    With the forward facing duct air is "rammed" when the car is moving at speed, forcing air, dust or water through the snorkel system based on the forward motion of the vehicle

    Vortex”-style snorkel

    The Vortex style snorkel are best for dusty environments

    tilted vanes inside the bowl-shaped head cause the air to swirl around inside. This swirling motion causes centrifugal force to push dust, dirt and water out to the sides of the bowl, where they're collected at the edges of the bowl.

    This is more effective in keeping your air filter clean

  8. What is the purpose of a snorkel on a 4x4

  9. Vehicle Snorkels Prevents contamination of the engine, Snorkels helps your car to “breathe” when wading through bodies of water and dust.This pose a threat of clogging the engine, hence the need to add additional breathing system

    Those black Plastic Pipes are often found on off-road SUVs to assist in the aeration system of the car's engine.

  10. Can you fit any car with a snorkel

    Despite the car type be it an SUV first of all find out your vehicle's rated wading depth, and determine why it's rated that way

    This is because fluid reservoirs, electronics and electricals in the engine bay are not hardened against water intrusion exposure

  11. Does your truck need a snorkel?

  12. Ok despite you being a SUV enthusiast and really what to make your truck look Butch! Yes the obvious one is crossing streams or bodies of water

    If the water you're crossing will be above the engine, having a snorkel is necessary driver.

  13. Does a snorkel add horsepower and Increases fuel efficiency?

  14. Vehicle snorkels are known for improving fuel efficiency as they feed more air into the combustion chamber, thereby improving the fuel-burning cycle

    A vehicle snorkel helps your car to “breathe”,intake air when wading through bodies of water

    Vehicle Snorkels make your engine run cleaner by producing a cold air induction effect.

    This effect improves fuel efficiency while also improving engine power

    By taking in clean air from above the water, and preventing water from making its way into the engine, to maintain optimal air flow and temperature when a car submerges into a stream

  15. What material is snorkel made of

  16. Original snorkels are made with Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) ,due to its durability and UV resistance tougher plastic and to withstand the rigors of off-roading

  17. What are Advantages of vehicle snorkel

    • It also feeds the engine with relatively cleaner air rather than heavily polluted air that settles closer to the ground
    • It should reduce fuel consumption and make your engine run cleaner
    • Do snorkels help with dust?

    • By its high position ,vehicle snorkel take in cold and clean air which increases fuel efficiency whilse keeping your air filter clean

    • How does a snorkel keep rain out?

    • When water goes through the Snorkels,its pre-filtration and water drainage design helps drop tiny water outlets below the head of the snorkel.

    • Which way should a snorkel face

    • Snorkels are best pointed forward like it's meant to be,when the car is moving forward its able to suck in the cold air and into the factory air box

    • How do you stop water from getting in a snorkel

    • Customer Review

      If you look closely at the Safari snorkel, you'll see that there are 4 small slits in the top piece, where the pipe narrows. Those are designed to force raindrops out at speed

      I've got the safari snorkel and my truck has been active through several hurricanes. No water in it at all.

      The most interesting find I've ever had in my airbox is a few dragonflies -- and they were quite dry.

      TJM email

      After extensive R@D testing this snorkel is a superior design and has “ slots “ or channels in the head to help reduce the water entry into the air box

      And what little water entered the air box was dried out by the heat from the engine.

      The head has little channels and slits around the collar area where it attaches to the main pipe that directs the water back outside

    • How much Horse Power do air intakes add?

    • Since oxygen supports combustion Cold air has more oxygen in it which will create a larger combustion implying more power

      Cold Air Intakes are said to improve your vehicle’s performance by 5-20 horsepower though may vary

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