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The mechanic urged Mtemi to enter the car and Ignite it.

Image of a NISSAN sunny by ken waliboraa

The Three youths who were there looking for ajob.Amani,Imani and DJ assisted in pushing the car with the help of the mechanic.
Image of a mechanic

It was a Nissan Sunny,Pushing it from the Parking spot to the gate and after much pushing, the car was up and running.But this car was once new.And when Mtemi came with it to his local town after buying it


He went straight to the butchery and bought pork meat to come celebrate with his family.

Image of a pork butchery

Now when having some chit-chat with his "friends" he came to a briefing shock the meat had been eaten by the cat almost halfway.The old man got mad,extremely madand tried to sooth the cat to come closer

Image of a CAT ,pussy cat

When the cat was close he grabbed the cat and tied the cat with a rope then tied the other end to the new car.He Ignited the car and sped up down the road heading to the main road.The poor cat got split into pieces by being dragged on the road.When Mtemi parked the car on the road only a piece of the cat was on the...