Top 30 Car hire services in Nairobi

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  1. Tronic carhire

  2. Tronic carhire is a Car Rental Agency neighboring (TRM) Thika road Mall in roysambu that offers 3 services mainly Car hire,Travel and movers and packers

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    CEO and founder of Tronic car hire Dennis Kamau Gachau

    At Tronic,cars are serviced for your trips,ruracios,weddings,roadtrip, airport pickup and drop off

    Tronic Ltd offers a wide variety of Cars including Vans such as Nissan Serena,Toyota Noah,Toyota Voxy,Toyota Alphard for hire

    Image of nissan serena for hire by tronic car hire rentals

    Toyota Alphard available for hire near Roysambu Comes with a driver 14k for 24hrs price excludes fuel and driver fee

    Contact Tronic Car Hire through :0718275673

    Available luxury cars for Rental include Range rovers

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    By patnering with Tronic car hire, the company lease's vehicles from owners and give them out as Self-drive car hire and have over 5 years experience in car leasing & hire

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    While Leasing your vehicle with Tronic car hire , the price paid on your leased vehicle depends on the cars condition and the year of manufacture

    Requirements to Lease your vehicle with Tronic car hire
    • To lease your car with Tronic,the car must have a Tracker
    • the car must have Insuarance cover
    • Car must have functioning tires
    • the car must be in good condition
    • Submit Copy of ID and Logbook

    Are you looking to leasing your car with Tronic car rentals?Available cars needed by Tronic car hire

    Compact cars Ready To Lease

    1. Nissan March -Quotation 30,000Ksh
    2. Toyota Passo 30,000Ksh
    3. Toyota Porte -Quotation 30,000Ksh
    4. Mazda Demio -Quotation 35,000Ksh
    5. Toyota Vitz 35,000Ksh
    6. Nissan Note -Quotation 35,000Ksh
    7. Mitsubishi Colt-Quotation 35,000Ksh
    8. Nissan Latio-Quotation 35,000Ksh
    9. Nissan Tiida -Quotation 35,000Ksh

    Hatchback cars Ready To Lease

    1. Toyota Fielder -Quotation 45,000Ksh

    Sedan cars Ready To Lease

    1. Toyota Premio-Quotation 45,000Ksh
    2. Toyota Alion-Quotation 45,000Ksh

    Vans Ready To Lease by Tronic car hire

    1. Toyota Noah -Quotation 50,000Ksh
    2. Toyota Voxy -Quotation 50,000Ksh
    3. Mitsubishi Delica-Quotation 50,000Ksh

    Top Tier Sedans Ready To Lease by Tronic car hire

    1. Toyota MarkX -Quotation 55,000Ksh
    2. Toyota Crown -Quotation 55,000Ksh
    3. Mitsubishi Delica-Quotation 55,000Ksh
    4. Mazda Axela -Quotation 55,000Ksh

    SUV's Ready To Lease by Tronic car hire

    1. Toyota RAV4 -Quotation 65,000Ksh
    2. Toyota Vanguard -Quotation 65,000Ksh
    3. Nissan X-Trail-Quotation 65,000Ksh
    4. Mazda CX-5 -Quotation 65,000Ksh
    5. Mitsubishi Outlander -Quotation 65,000Ksh

    Tier 2 SUV's Ready To Lease by Tronic car hire

    1. Toyota Harrier -Quotation 100,000Ksh
    2. Toyota Lexus -Quotation 65,000Ksh

    Tier 1 SUV's Ready To Lease by Tronic car hire

    1. Toyota Landcruiser Prado -Quotation 150,000Ksh
    2. Landrover discovery -Quotation 150,000Ksh
    3. RangeRover -Quotation 150,000Ksh
  3. PrinceDrive Logistics

  4. Image of bwana solomon from princedrive logistics

    Thats Bwana Solomon from Prince Drive logistics a Tour and Van company located at Lumumba Dr, Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya

    Image of  princedrive logistics map

    Princedrive is the number one choice for tour and safari operators.Princedrive provide vans for hire to tour companies

    Image of  princedrive logistics van interior

    Individual tour operators, and safari event organizers. Boost your business by extending our low van hire prices to your customers.

    Image of  princedrive logistics lumumba drive

    PrinceDrive is a Vans mostly for Hire Company, all Princedrive Vans are Chauffeured. PrinceDrive provides 14 Seater Vans for Hire at affordable rates.Also provide Tour Vans for Hire. We hire out vans to Individuals and corporates.

    Contact Prince Drive Today +254 725 400700

  5. Kasarani car rental

  6. Best car hire service with amazing staff who are always ready to assist.

  7. Savanna Car Rentals

  8. Image of Savanna Car  rentals in nairobi

    Savanna Car Rentals is a mid sized car hire company located in Nairobi, Kasarani area opposite shell petrol station. We pride ourselves in offering super clean cars for hire at affordable rates.

    Image of google map Savanna Car  rentals in nairobi

    Contact Savanna car rentals 0785 210817

  9. Car Hire Kasarani Hunters

  10. Car Hire in Kasarani Nairobi makes it easy to rent a car in Nairobi. Whatever kind of trip you are planning we offer a large selection of premium vehicles that can cater to a variety of mobility needs

  11. Mzalendo car hire services

  12. Mzalendo car hire is your trusted car hire company based in Nairobi, Kenya.Book the perfect car for your travel in Kenya with us

  13. Prudential Concierge

  14. A proud African Luxury brand, we focus on simplifying ground transportation from the moment you land until the moment you depart for our global VIP’s.

    Our focus is not only singular cooperates but also families who require that extra touch

  15. LinkedUp Car Hire Services

  16. LinkedUp car Hire is located along Thika road on your way to Alsops and thanks to Google maps it is just a 12 minute drive

    Image of google maps indicating Linkedup car hire

    LinkedUp Car Hire provides quality rides for hire at an affordable price with no booking fee

    Image of Linkedup car hire at nanyuki doing chauffered services

    LinkedUp car hire at Nanyuki doing Chauffered service to customers

    Image of Toyota AXIO for hire by Linkedup car hire

    At LinkedUp Car Hire Services we pride ourselves in delivering quality at low cost. Get this toyota axio today from 3000/=

    Contact Linkedup car hire today 0714 764162

  17. DENLA Car Hire Ltd

  18. DENLA Car Hire Ltd is a Car Hire and Car Leasing company in Kenya offering long term and short term rental solutions

    Image of DENLA car hire map

    DENLA Car Hire Ltd is located at Contour Business Centre, Maternity stage, Kasarani-Mwiki rd. 1st floor, suite B09

    Image of DENLA nissan note for hire

    DENLA Car Hire Ltd daily rates vary depending on the type of car, from as low as 2,500/= for 24hrs.

    Image of DENLA nissan note for hire

    You can also Lease your car and earn with DENLA car hire using their rates below

    Image of DENLA car hire

    Terms and Condition To Lease Your Car With DENLA car hire

    • 3-Months renewable Contract
    • Comprehensive Insurance
    • Car track (We also fix at a fee)
    • Copy of Log Book or Financing Documents
    • Copy of National ID/ Passport
    • Image of DENLA car hire post

      Before Traveling DENLA car hire advises to observe ,before travelling

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    Contact DENLA car hire 0710 981289

  19. Ngatia Executive Cars & Limousines

  20. Ngatia Executive Cars & Limousines is a car rental company dealing with executive cars and limo services,clients includes wedding couples,corporate companies and goverments

    Image of executive cars map

    Executive car hire kenya is located at Northern Bypass, Eden Bliss Garden, Marurui and offers a variety of cars from Limousines

    Image of Limousine for hire by executive car hire

    Price Rates for hiring a luxury vehicle can be found on Executive car world website

    Image of Limousine for hire by eden bliss

    How many passengers does the Limo accomodate

    The smallest limousines has a passenger capacity of 6 people and largest stretched limousine available with a passenger capacity of 15 people maximum

    Image of best Limousine for hire in kenya

    How much to hire a limousine with executive car hire?

    Audi Q7 Stretched Limousine Hiring at Kes 30,000 per hour Not less than 4 hours.

    Image of Audi limousine for hire by Ngatia executive

    Land Rover Range Rover Sport Limousine Hire Services Nairobi

    Image of Rangerover limousine for hire by Ngatia executive

    For wedding outside Nairobi the rate is 30,000 per hour minimum 10 hours Passengers capacity is 10 to 13 people.

    Contact Executive car hire 0727 405495

  21. Trip Nut

  22. Cedar Court, Garden Estate Road. Nairobi – Kenya

    Image of Trip Nut car hire

    Trip Nut is a commercial transportation company with over 50 license plates. It has been in business since 2010 which provides a quality services countrywide

    Trip Nut offers services such as Official Visits,Business visits,Airport Transfers ,Events and congress

    Image of Trip Nut

    Book your trip with Trip Nut by dialing 0716 659388