The German Juice

Image of a PORSCHE cayenne

The Cayenne is one of the SUV's with a very sexy body shape

Image of a PORSCHE cayenne

Its a Five door car

Image of a 2013 german porsche cayenne

Its an Automatic Transmission and it consumes Gasoline

Image of a CAYENNE

Number of Kilometers driven around in JAPAN less than 47,000Kilometers

Image of a TOYOTAHILUX 2017 model USED japanese

With a 3600 cc engine the German machine is powerful on the road and also considering it to be a 4 wheel drive

Image of a PORSCHE cayenne

The PORSCHE is a very fit family car the car is very roomy and spacious

Image of a PORSCHE trunk

For Moms who love doing grocery shopping the Trunk is huge enough to carry the family's supply


Being a 5 seater .For a family man who has a wife and 3 kids .This is perfectly a very good Fam car

Image of a cayenne

The Porsche Interior is very roomy giving you a chance to have a wide view of the front and also in case you having sex in the car pssst

Image of aInterior of porsche

But its fitted with leather seats,that makes it hard having sex in the car,but hey if you can afford the german car you can as well afford to change them seats

Image of a TOYOTAHILUX 2017 model USED japanese

For a family man with 3 kids ,The back seats are very roomy which enables your 2 daughters one son or,one son two daughters to spend their time on the tablets as you gift them with a road trip to lets say Turkana or Mombasa

Image of a PORSCHE gear box

Since Its an automatic transmission ,Plus a bunch of buttons which if you are a car enthusiast it wont take you a day to understand the car

Image of a TOYOTAHILUX 2017 model USED japanese

Its also optioned with a cloud window