The Boring LandCruiser Effect story,Sorry

Image ofland cruiser prado in juja Town

I really suck at spending money cause just..just as I was about to enter school what i see thrills my eyes.

Image of Evans Wagura Mukinyo in juja on a landcruiser prado

and like that I see a well opportunity to test drive the landcruiser

Image Kenya railways service Train in Narumoru

I was a bit nervous cause one thing ,I was unable to remove the side mirrors from their park position.Also a driver had parked infront of us so I had to reverse..

a complete nightmare

Image of Evans wagura mukinyo at Holiday driving school juja

Spending my time inside the Vehicle made me fall in love with the extra lighting coming from the sunroof.

Image of Landcruiser prado at juja

Being a seven seater...five seater sorry it has very wide sit and foot space and plus the car is high...yeah if you know you know

Image of a Toyota landcruiser prado outside jkuat university

My Instructor was a nice guy.

Image of Evans Wagura mukinyo inside aa landcruiser prado

The pricing for the test drive was 8 dollars of which kilometers driven were less than 6 .

Image of Landcruiser prado j150

The experience was fun especially overtaking,how to manouver a corner at less than 60 kilometers per hours and also how to manage speed,especially at the bump

But...I'd prefer a manula if am taking a prado

Image of Evans Wagura Mukinyo at juja