DOOSAN woo doosan

Image of Doosan tractor at stream drive thome estate

On my way home I found this DOOSAN tractor on some Job ,The driver a young PRO managed to manover the big bucket pushing the pipe in.

Image of Doosan excavator tractor for sale at thome esate stream drive

With some ray of Hope,the DOOSNA magesttically gets out of the ditch

Image  Doosan Excavator  tractor driver at Thome estate

To ensure that the DOOSAN tractor is firm the driver shovels dust from one area and puts it into the ditch to give the DOOSAN tractor a firm ground

Image DRIVER in Marurui THOME

The Driver turns the cab nice and slow as he lowers the lever to ensure he doesn't destroy the KPLC powerlines

Image Image of DOOSAN tractor in THOME ESTATE

He then gets out of the tractor and the driver consults with his supervisor on how far they are to dig up

Image of TRACTOR installing sewage pipes

In a minute the driver is up the Tractor and he continues removing the hard murram to pave way for the Tractor.

Image of DOOSAN tractor for sale in Thome stream drive

He majestically uses the bucket to lift the murram from the ditch out and also moves the shoe further away from the ditch

Image of Driver in Thome estate stream drive

Arm and Boom ,Arm and Boom repeat was the norm of the game and where the murram was hard he would spend almost a minute digging deep into it to make it loosen up

Image of a pregnant african woman

With fumes coming up from the ground it suggested that the place had hard rock

Image of Doosan excavator at thome

I once had an Uncle who used to drive Trucks especially Tractors unfortunately he died,But with this Gig he was able to educate 3 boys and 0ne girl

Image of Doosan excavator at thome

With the Ditch now the appropriate size its time to do the actual work

Image of Doosan excavator at thome

The men get inside the Tunnel and try leveling the sand so as to ensure that the Pipe is in Line

Image Doosan excavator at thome stream drive

By this time the Men go and pick the pipe that is to be installed

Image of Doosan excavator at thome

They later drop the Pipe into the dip and they get inside to align it with the pipe

Image of Doosan excavator at thome

They Align it then Leave the Tractor driver do his Job

Image DOOSAN tractor installing pipe at Thome estate stream drive

The Tractor Driver pushes the bucket infront as he pushes the pipe inside the other pipe

Image of Doosan excavator at thome

Its now time to cover the pipe since the Pipe has been installed

Image DOOSAN tractor at stream drive estate

Mazel Tov! work for the day done

Image DOOSAN tractor at stream drive