Teaching My Girl How To Drive

Image of JUST gym IT frankie on a maual

Frankie Owns a manual car,

Image of JUST gym IT frankie on a maual

While Corazon Kwamboka owns an Automatic German machine..possibly and considering Corazon has never been to driving school

Image of CORAZON KWAMBOKA range rover

Its her first experience on a manual.

Image of CORAZON KWAMBOKA driving manual

Since Corazon's car has been out of commision,Frankie has been car pooling her for almost 5 months but Frankie seems to be "sick and tired"haha.Funny thing frankie loves being driven around therefore he thinks to himself.

Why not teach her how to drive a stick?

Image of CORAZON KWAMBOKA driving a manual

Frankie says that she is a bad co-driver,the two get into a heated argument since corazon is on her phone and misses to tell Frankie the junction they are to branch therefore missing it and they have to go back


"How do you use two legs ,since mine I use one so the co-ordination that's what I want like..."

"You've learnt before right?"Frankie asks."To drive a manual?"Corazon responds and Corazon jokes about her ex-boyfie who had tried teaching

*Watch Frankie's DRIVING SCHOOL.*.