JKUAT probiotic Yoghurt

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Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology is a Innovation hub,and few kilometers from the main study area you will find JKUATES

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JKUATES-Jkuat Enterprises

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JKUATES is a state run corpo that is fully owned by JKUAT which is responsible for selling 4 major flavours..

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JKUATES yoghurt price list 150ml

Last checkin was 21 Nov 2022

  1. 150 ml JKUAT probiotic vanilla flavour--80Ksh
  2. 150 ml JKUAT probiotic natural flavour --80ksh
  3. 150 ml JKUAT probiotic strawberry flavour--80Ksh
  4. 150 ml JKUAT probiotic Pineapple flavour --80ksh

JKUATES yoghurt price list 250ml

  1. 250 ml JKUAT probiotic vanilla flavour--1600Ksh
  2. 250 ml JKUAT probiotic natural flavour --160ksh
  3. 250 ml JKUAT probiotic strawberry flavour--160Ksh
  4. 250 ml JKUAT probiotic Pineapple flavour --160ksh
Image of JKUAT enterprises seedlings

JKUAT Enterprises seedlings is also located this zone,Around gate E,

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Easy way to get to JKUATES is while at Gate C jkuat just proceed forward and Enter the institution through Gate E

JKUAT Enterprises contacts