Kenya Railways services

Image of Nanyuki Train - Kenya Railways

It was around 9:00O'clock in Narumoru town as we were awaiting the Train to arrive from Nanyuki.

Image of Evans Wagura Mukinyo  in Narumoru Town

It had been almost 14 years since I travelled with a train to Mombasa but at that time I was 7 years Old and It was a One week Sungura plus Chipukeezy scouts Camp at Likoni Highschool

Image Kenya railways service Train in Narumoru

The inside had taken a huge transformation since back then the seats were arranged just like PSV's but each facing each other ,but this time round from the first couch to probably the last ,the arrangement was like this

Image Train Nanyuki to Naro Moru

After paying 180ksh from Narumoru to Nairobi(Githurai) I had saved almost 500Kenya shillings compared going with a shuttle which costs around 600-700

Image Image of a ticket on Kenya railway service

The Ticket was good for convinience since the train had to make stops in various towns and to be accountable after every mile we would be asked to produce our receipts

Image of Kenya Railways – Right on Track

In a minute we had passed Chaka..Kiganjo..Karatina and were in Sagana where the train stopped for 20 minutes for people to stretch and buy some snacks.

Image of Toilet sink in a Train in Kenya

Inside the train there was a sink which one could use after relieving themselves which had constant supply of water

Image of a pregnant african woman in Nairobi commuter train

The Toilet which is directly oposite from the Sink had a warning which you would only use the toilet only when the train was in motion

The average time from Nanyuki to Nairobi was seven hours and in 5hours time we were already inside the Famous Kakuzi farm

Image of Kakuzi farm

The train had several coaches which one would count from the window and ours was the second last,but also the first couch if the train would be traveling to Nanyuki..

Image of Kenya railways service train

Sooner than later one would realize that we were safely in Ruiru and after taking this Picture ,little did I know that what I had been doing was Illegal..taking pictures

Image of Shogun for sale

A police officer at Ruiru station saw me take a picture of this and came straight to where I was sitted and questioned me of taking photos

Image of Kenya railways service train

He warned me not to since, it would maybe offer us targets to people who would want to sabotage the train movement...I alighted at Githurai 45 at around 4:30 pm and it was lit!