KIAMBU Rd,all the way

Image of RUBIS advert along Kiambu road Ridgeways

Maybe I should start here at Ridgeways,with This RUBIS ad

Image of NCBA bank Banner AD on way To RUNDA

This Here Is a NCBA bank Banner Ad Just Next To RUNDA entrance

Image of an AD ON BYPASS

Back To Bypass,there is an AD which aint clear to me ,Ahead IsNorthern Bypass, Ruaka connecting To Githurai 44 and Kahawa west

And If we are To Talk About Kiambu Road ADS we have to feature this Banner ad from Pilsner(IMARA kama SIMBA)

Image of the Pilsner ad

TUZO by BROOKSIDE really Outthere and Their Positioning is quite strategic outside to Gigiri road while heading To QUICKMART

Image of KENYAN athlete on a BANNER AD at ridgeways

With Lots Of Competition In The Oul Industry,Total manages to mount a board more of Influencer marketing

Image of cocacola banner ad on kiambu road

With Cocacola being Key players In the kenyan market ,we see Their "Real Magic "campaign

Image of Chrome vodka in kiambu town

Let me fast drive You back To Kiambu Town ,Next To Kiambu Mall,we got a Chrome AD

Image of Northern Bypass To Ruaka

There Is a Real-Estate AD (MIVIDA) along By-pass

Image of Glenfiddich AD

Read It AGAIN,This is along Bypass on your way if connecting To Ruaka Or Ruiru

Image of HALOWEEN ad on Muthaiga

This is on October and we can see an Invite By Village market on Their Halloween adventure which I happened To attend and It was awsome .


OK GUYS,if you are looking for a name try "THE HIGHLANDER"

Image of INEZA realestate AD

This is an INEZA AD ,BOUTIQUE homes

Image of INEZA advert Boutique homes near runda

Just In Kiambu Town Stage we have a Total AD,Upishi ni wewe

This is Gilbey's AD which on one particular rainy saturday ,shit happened and theiy ended up replacing it

Image of GILBEY'S advert kiambu road Lookmedia

SABIS international school Bill board

Image of SABIS international school Runda

KOKO gas billboard AD in kiambu Town,UKO single bana bado? .

Image of KOKO GAS in kiambu town

Meanwhile this is a HENNESY AD just opposite SAJ CERAMICS

Image of INEZA realestate AD

In Loving Memory Of The Best Human Being Vinnie Who Died On The Road.This is To say,Thank You very much Brother

Image of Vassay tiles kiambu road

A realestate advert which is not fancy to me,looks like shit

Image of INEZA realestate AD

Next To QUICKMART thindigua is a FRESHA advert

Image of FRESHA billboard ad at Thindigua

Still in Thindigua a Minute maid Billboard

Image of MINUTE maid Billboard ad

After few weeks there is a replacement of The INEZA billboard AD just on your way to paradise lost .

Image of INEZA boutique homes

Just opposite Total on fourways Junction is a Safaricom AD

Image of Safaricom Billboard AD

Seems Chrome is a highly selling product due to their frequent change on the billboard

Image of Chrome billboard ad in Kiambu town

And Just opposite Liquor House is this JUMIA Black Friday AD

Image of JUMIA ad

Savour Life naturally by Keringet


On your way To kirigit Junction is a GLOVO ad

Image of GLOVO Billboard AD

VASSAY tiles Billboard AD which is basic

Image of vassay Vassay tiles NAIROBI

Going To work and its raining on Ridgeways


Christmas Time and we see DSTV position themselves in Kiambu Town .

Image of DSTV ad in kiambu town

Guiness Billboard AD,Black shines brightest

Image of Safaricom Billboard AD

From work heading to muthaiga is SKYGARDEN billboard AD in bypass


This was a random shot,Ridgeways AD

Image of ridgeways mall Billboard ad

Jumia Replace Billboard AD

Image of JUMIA ad on liquor house Ridgeways

BIO advert next To maridaddy Motors

Image of BIO billboard

NCBA AD on your way to Kiambu road from Runda

Image of NCBA go for it


Image of chicken INN