How To Steal a CAR with Maritza!

Image of dianexguerrero and jackiecruz in prison

So If You Haven't watched Orange Is The New Black...Sorry spoiler alert This is Season 4 Episode 5

Image of dianexguerrero walking in the club

And Maritza is skimming a way to make 300 Bucks easily

Image of dianexguerrero putting water inside a vodka bottle

So She takes an Empty Vodka Bottle and Fills It with water.

Image of dianexguerrero infront of her bestfriend who is warning her that karma is a bitch

The Colleague tells her to be very careful

Image of dianexguerrero still at the club

But she responds and then goes ahead and takes the order to the customer

Image of dianexguerrero holding a bottle of vodka

And Just seconds before arriving

Image of dianexguerrero saying oh my God

She drops the Vodka bottle intentionally

Maritza Pleads she is gonna get Fired and The Boys decide to pay for the Vodka again

Image of dianexguerrero being helped by gentlemen who are topping up to pay maritza

As Maritza Is Counting "Her Money"

Image of dianexguerrero trying to explain to the guy

One of the Gentleman decides to Blackmail Her to do her a 300 dollar job ...stealing cars

Image of a gentleman talking to dianexguerrero

While Maritza Is Preparing To take The guards to their residents she gets some flash back of how that day went by.

Image of officer and dianexguerrero at the car

At The car yard

Image of FERRARI maserati of MIAMI

They do some surveillance on how to carry out the mission

Image of 2 gentlemen sitted at the car with dianexguerrero

While asked How She is going to carry out the task

Image of dianexguerrero

Maritza cracks a lame joke

Image of dianexguerrero smiling while telling the gentleman on the sit Kidding

A fine Gentleman walks to the yard and the three spot the drill.

Image of a girl doing a headtoss as dianexguerrero is watching

Maritza is advised to have a pony tail on that day inorder to appear as one of them .

Image of dianexguerrero

The drill is,get the customer,Get their ID then collect their bank card then ask for a test drive

Image of a lady walking and a car trunk

And On this particular day

Image of dianexguerrero besides a yellow car

Maritza walks into the carshop

Image of dianexguerrero

After some few minutes she spots an Old man who "is rich and would have her as her girlfriend"

Image of dianexguerrero wearing a black top

She approaches him

Image of car customer talking to maritza

And the old man complains of driving a saab his entire life cause of his wife

Image of  Gentleman talking to dianexguerrero

and he asks Maritza which option he should take

Image of dianexguerrero talking to customer better

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Who is Diane guerrero

Diane Guerrero is an American actress. She is known for her roles as inmate Maritza Ramos on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black

Diane guerrero Instagram

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Diane guerrero Instagram has 100 posts with 2.2Million followers and a following of 610 at 24th january 2023

Diane Guerrero parents

Guerrero's parents and Maria came to the United States from Colombia in 1981, with the hopes of finding better opportunity.

When she was 14 years old and living in Bostonboth of Guerrero's parents were deported (her older half-brother Eric was deportedto Colombia after overstaying their visas.

Actress Diane Guerrero knows what that's like. , her parents and older brother were deported

Diane Guerrero Ethnicity

Guerrero was born in New Jersey to Colombian parents and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.