M-town in a nutshell...

Image of Gf and Bf doing some love shit

Basketball late evening at marurui primary,further ahead there is a dam "marurui dam" which is a source of water to the coffee plantation

Image of marurui primary basketball ccourt

But suppose you are visiting Marurui how do you get there?.Well considring there is google maps..Marurui has two entrances (for cars only) the juakali route and the mukuyu

Image of marurui police post

Today is on a saturday and this investor has money to spend on real estate.

Image of Meg and pe car wash |Car wash at MEG&PE marurui

My Aerial View of Meg and Pe car wash where people cum and also hangout.

Image of Blue Maks shop marurui police post

Just a minor accident ,incident

Image of Mountain dew drink broken glass

And Today is Friday,Friday is munch daay

Image of chips mwitu at marurui

So I visit Mathe for Fries.

Image of fries and tomatoes at marurui majoyce

Its Just 30 ksh.So I usually choose Kachumbari over Tomatoe sauce

Image of Evans Wagura Mukinyo eating at marurui

and its hot since i waited for the next hot lot to get out of the frying pot

Image of Githeri

Githeri ..githeri ...Githeri is also an option but not for my case.

Image of sun setting in the evening at Marurui

At around 6, the problem is i cant recall if its AM or PM

Image of chicken intestines cooked in marurui juakali

At the ghetto eating chicken intestines plus Ugali for only 30ksh.Very good and healthy.heheheheheheheheheheh.I know some of you think its gross

Blue Maks Shop Owner Kama

Image of KAMA at marurui police post

Yes,and today is another saturday

Image of Evans Wagura eating at marurui

Hangout drinking sodas

Image of Githeri being served at marurui

Book club

Image of sun setting in the evening in marurui

For everyone who has been to marurui they will tell you of Majoyce building

Image of majoyce marurui

A driver at work

Image of hope and victory

When is today?I think today is either a friday a saturday or a sunday

Image of sun setting in the evening in Marurui Meg and pe carwash

Haa! they were just telling Tony a secret,not biting his ears.no


it is 8 in the PM at juakali and something is about to happen,if you look closely and attentively

Image of hope and victory marurui

anyway there is


Image of people in marurui

much here