M-town |Route 53!!!!!!!!!

Image of Marurui Lovers at Alan Kamau place next to marurui primary

Above is Allan Kamau at Marurui a Neighborhood in Nairobi, assisting a dude and his bae who were from a party at Alex place,I guess. I was coming to pick alan so we can go for a

Image of Marurui Juakali Stage next to Muyog

Detour considering that marurui has a very huge walk area with almost each section Cabro paved or has asphalt

Image of marurui Juakali stage next to Bahamas Hardware

Above is Ochi's place at Marurui Juakali stage where many cyclers come to repair their bicycles at an affordable price

Image of Google map on marurui

Below are Teens and Youth playing Basketball late evening at marurui primary,further ahead there is a dam "marurui dam" which is a source of water to the coffee plantation

Image of Teens playing at marurui primary basketball court  at 4:48pm

Directions To Marurui

Image of marurui stage Juakali|Infront is THOMAT sacco

Above is Thomat Sacco | Thome Marurui Sacco which operates from Marurui to Nairobi town.If you want to get to marurui from Nairobi town just enquire route 53.

Image of marurui dam WARNING NO TRESSPASSING

Marurui has three entrances (for cars only) are the juakali route and the mukuyu,the one above is vigilantes ONLY route where you can even choose to enter marurui while swimming.haa!

Image of Marurui Dam and Marurui primary

Marurui is just neighbors with Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club and besides that The Marurui dam is a source of water to the cash crop grown at MIKA estate which is also part of Michuki's land

Image of marurui Dam with lots of water

Beyond is Marurui Primary the large structure was funded by germans.Marurui is surrounded by 5 dams.I have visited Gumba Dam,Marurui Dam,Windsor Dam,MAQ dam and another one which is next to ridgeways

Image of marurui Dam with lots of water

Marurui Dam dries sometimes,and at this time lots of people come and fish since the Dam is also a source of fresh water fish.

Image of Evans Wagura Mukinyo

Heheheheh,so behind me is a kienyeji eaten mostly by the Luhya community called Nderema.We so ka unataka Nderema at the moment call me Now >>>contact us .Still in Marurui guys Route 53

Image of marurui police post

This is the MUKUYU route and behind this vehicle is sure Marurui Police post.

Today is on a saturday and this investor has money to spend on real estate.

Image of Meg and pe car wash |Car wash at MEG&PE marurui

a href="https://suvandtrucks.com/marurui">Marurui Estate has couple of Cyber at the stage is MUYOG cyber also opposite Jambo mini supermarket in Marurui is HUDUMIA cyber and down next to Thome shephered marurui is NEWTONZ cyber solution which is my favourite .


As we said earlier Marurui has a very huge walk area since just right here you can easily mannouver and find yourself at Thome one where majority of the Big Kahunas live ,Next in this same road

Image of Thome shephered academy in marurui

Which is from Marurui Juakali headed to Ngomongo. Majority of Ngomongo residents work for the Big Kahunas at Thome,Garden estate,Windsor and still on this road you can get to starehe girls very easily

Image of Marurui to Ngomongo road

My Aerial View of Meg and Pe car wash.Meg and Pe car wash is the nearest carwash in marurui that offers car cleaning service,carpet cleaning,motorbike cleaning.The car wash Meg and pe is next to Marurui police post

Image of Blue Maks shop marurui police post

I went to the shop to buy Mountain Dew,Then told myself since the Soda isnt cold enough how about I refrigerate it,Unfortunately i forgot about it and one day later while checking this is what i find

Image of Mountain dew drink broken glass

And Today is Friday,Friday is munch daay

Image of chips mwitu at marurui

So I visit Mathe for Fries.Now If you are a Fun of chips mwitu then Marurui is the best place to live for Chips mwitu

Image of fries and tomatoes at marurui majoyce

Its Just 30 ksh.So I usually choose Kachumbari over Tomatoe sauce

Image of Evans Wagura Mukinyo eating at marurui

and its hot since i waited for the next hot lot to get out of the frying pot

Image of Githeri

Githeri ..githeri ...Githeri is also an option but not for my case.

Image of sun setting in the evening at Marurui

This is home at 6pm or 6am I suppose at Marurui.Its a stone throw away from Marurui police post

Chips Mwitu Detour in Marurui

Image of fries and tomatoes at marurui majoyce

For Fries lovers,we have to talk about the best places where you can get affordable chips mwitu with 50 bob

Image of fries and tomatoes at marurui majoyce

Chips mwitu baze is just next to St marys catholic church marurui

Image of fries and tomatoes at marurui majoyce

This is the best place to buy your Chips mwitu at Marurui,considering that other shops dont show a kind of consistency to their ops.This place is a very sure bet to find hot sexy chipo mwitu

Image of cHIPS MWITU at marurui next to St marys catholic church

Waiting for the chips mwitu to dry up on the hot fire,The baze is usually stocked with customers frequently due to their best quality chips mwitu

Image of Marurui very beautiful girls

While waiting for chips mwitu ,you can see very fine Marurui Babes,Marurui is the best place if you loves womans,Also my bike chilling for me as I wait for the fries to get ready so that I can eat and feel good...only in marurui

Image of Hope and victory at marurui next is chips mwitu place

Customers waiting in line to be served the best chips mwitu ever in Marurui

Image of Marurui chips mwitu location near St mary catholic church

The down side is that here at V-Best chips mwitu place is that they dont sell sausages,smokies apart from samosa,yes thank you for accompanying me through the chips mwitu detour

Image of chicken intestines cooked in marurui juakali

Now At the ghetto eating chicken intestines plus Ugali for only 30ksh.Very good and healthy.heheheheheheheheheheh.I know some of you think its gross

Blue Maks Shop Owner Kama

Image of KAMA at marurui police post

Chilling next to his Shop and Yes today is another saturday

Image of Evans Wagura eating at marurui

Thats Byron,Mbugua and Jeremy drinking soda at Kama's place just next to Marurui police post

Image of Githeri being served at marurui

Still at Marurui a Hide out place next to a Mugumo tree where we host the Book club

Image of sun setting in the evening in marurui

For everyone who has been to marurui they will tell you of Majoyce building

Image of majoyce marurui

A driver at work driving from Majoyce downward to Hope and victory church marurui

Image of hope and victory

When is today?I think today is either a friday a saturday or a sunday in Marurui,Kama shop and Kama carwash are both disturbing Tony

Image of sun setting in the evening in Marurui Meg and pe carwash

Haa! they were just telling Tony a secret,not biting his ears.Oooh no


It is 8 in the PM at juakali stage Marurui and something is about to happen,if you look closely and attentively

Image of hope and victory marurui

Having Pizza for Dinner.At Marurui|We bake a variety of munchies here at Marurui.From Buns to Pizza.Visit Marurui today

Image of Tasha Wangui eating Pizza at Marurui next to marurui police post

Check Out our Pizza Recipe

Image of Pizza baked by carol wambui mukinyo

Marurui Houses To Let

At marurui there is an assorted ,variety of houses to choose from 4bedroom,3bedroom 2 bedroom,1 bedroom,Bedsitter in marurui to cheap singles in Marurui

Image of Marurui apartments for sale and Marurui houses to let

Genesis Apartment located in Marurui is an apartment which its close proximity to Marurui dam and is at the heart of best vicinity of marurui from the lush green from the jacaranda trees and Mugumo trees

Image of Marurui House for sale

Global Heights.So there used to be a DCI who used to live here in this appartment and used to own a fortuner but the tenants in this appartment which has some single rooms to Let did not like him so they used to put the trash cans behind his car so when he had to exit the gate the first thing that he would have to do is remove the Huge trash cans which were like 6 of them

Image of Marurui Single room To let

Marurui Apartment down past Hope and Victory Church,At this section in Marurui there is less tarmac however you wont walk for less than 5 minutes without getting to a paved road,Plus the drainage is superb

Image of marurui house to let with 2bedroom

Still a section in Marurui,At this route you are likely to meet poultry farmers who sell chicken eggs and after some time end up selling those egg laying chickens as Ex-layers

Image of Marurui House To Let

This is Windsor View Suites a House to Let in Marurui.I guess from the name it depicts alot

Image of Windsor View apartment in Marurui

This section in Marurui offers the best views to the extended coffee plantation beyond Marurui

Image of Marurui Turtle suites apartment to let

anyway there is Nothing

Image of people in marurui

much here grasshopers

Image of Couple in Marurui headed to marurui stage