Nana On A March

Image of Juliana Wangare Muthuki on a nissan march

Meet Nana my best Homie who owns and drives this sexy,comfortable silver nissan march

Image of Juiana Wangare Muthukikenya

Outside Checkers Liquor store just along nothern-bypass

Image of Juliana Wangare Muthuki nissan

One of the most affordable ,lets say economic car for a person who looks forward to drive herself around work,grocery,school,dates is the nissan march

Image of Juliana Muthuki

"Its quite an efficient car compared to a HONDA fit which I owned

Image of Juliana Muthuki

Average amount of fuel consumed by a nissan march is 500kenya shillings (4.5 USD)

Image of Juliana Muthuki at checkers quickmart marurui

So in a week It might cost you around 3500,But refilling it full tank would be even more cheaper in a month

Image of  juliana Muthuki at quickmart

You might end up saving close to 1000kenya shillings in a month,(9 USD) if fuelling it full tank as compred to the daily routine of visiting shell or..

Image of Juliana Muthuki on a nissan march

If planning to own a nissan march you will only have to service it twice a month..

Image of Juliana Muthuki

servicing the nissan march makes it run smoothly and major components that are changed include oil change,oil filter,spark plugs

Image of Juliana Muthuki at thome marurui

Incase of tyre change and you want to save money,Nana's best option is to purchase Tyres at Grogon which cost her roughly 2000 whereas in other selling point you might get the tyres at 3500 Ksh (34USD)

Image of Julian muthuki's nissan march

Therefore saving you 1500 ksh (14 USD).

Image of juliana at Checkers Liquor

If you have a personal mechanic you are able to even savin 1000 kenya shillings more on wheel balancing and allignment

Image of Juliana outside Checkers Liquor

So I end up asking Nana which other Nissan she would choose from other than Nissan march but she sticks to Nissan march,The other option is either a Volkswagen TSI

Image of Checkers Liquor northern bypass marurui

Furthest place driven with the nissan march was to Rongai and makongeni past kilima mbogo,otherwise the cars has taken lots and tonnes just within Nairobi

Image of joy mbbone

So ,the car once got an accident during Nana's 25th birthday along westlands,where a Double cab driver with Bullbar hit her..

Image of nissan march stereo at night

Also Junet losing this Nissan Logo

Image of Nissan march logo lost