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Noele is a mom of three.She now drives a Toyota Prius a car which her husband Jack wasn't upto it. Image of Toyota PRIUS along Kiambu road Nearly three weeks ago she had decided to go with Image of MAZDA CX-5 at TOSU motors kiambu road a mazda CX-5 but before finalizing the deal on her way home along Kiambu road she remembered his friend who worked along Kiambu road and she decided to call him,And instead of having the usual coffee they decided why not go for a walk. Image of Beth cast good girls After paying they took the Karura family walk path Image Tourists in Karura for a walk Noelle was drawn closer to Nature as they sat down and talked about their lives.But what really impressed her is the serenity and love for the environment

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Wih that experience ,Noelle just changed her decision she really wanted a five seater car to be car pooling her kids plus neighbors kids to her Daycare located along Waiyaki way

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But Noelle is very worried since she wonders what will happen to her business in the bext 6 months because she is pregnanant with their third child

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The Doctor has adviced her to go slow on her schedules since she is usually a very busy mom.The husband Jack works as a financial analyst who drives a Shogun

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Since she has been doing the car pooling using Jack's car for most part of the year as Jack uses Uber except on Friday .She doesnt want to give up her role on the car pooling and decides to ask Jack whether he will