The MotorBike Guy is always wrong

Image of Ford wildtrack in ridgeways headed to Braeburn Garden estate

First forward this is after the accident,anyone knows where I can get that Ford Ranger Accesories, Image of Accident at Oakplace junction at garden estate

So whats happening here,was the wife playing Need Free speed?

Image of accident near kiambu road

I just arrived and I can see a Mazda Demio Old model ontop of a motorbike,And Traffic is almost catching up

Image of Toyota Hilux on Oakplace

The Mazda Demio Lady driver is still inside the car and on a phone call,as it seems,the Lady driver was headed towards kiambu road

While the motorbike nd the pedestriance were headed to Northern Bypass from the scene

Image Mazda Demio Old model on an accident

But the motorbike is in poor condition since the driver side is on top of the Boxer

Image of mazda demio on-top of a boxer motorbike

And The Traffic Police is here now to make some verdict so he orders the lady to step out of the car,

Image of Oakplace roundabout accident

I kinda dont like how they lifted the car manually since,they had to push and pull it while the lady driver was on the car.Fortunately the motorbike isnt very much damaged

Image of an accident on Ridgeways

Ok,lets cut the chase,so lets push the car and minimize on traffic

Image of bodaboda guys on windsor to kigwalane

So after here or two with the Traffic officer along Ridgeways,it was found that the Motorist did not have a valid license on his motorbike

Thus it was illegal and also he will not receive compensation as it seems

Image of Demio along Kigwa lane

Ok Guys there is

Image bodaboda guys on an accident

Nothing much here