Old is Gold right?

Image of Muscle cars down Rust Valley

Down Rust Valley mike has a Gold mine,,a collection of exotic cars

Image of an old conrad

The Rust Bros have a swap comming in the next few weeks and that means money,They therefore have to transform this Old car into this new car

Image of Red muscle car

But before that they will have to face some ups and down and one of them being Avery who is the Shop manager as well as the Head mechanic who is always clumsy and out of detail,The Two enter into a heated argument.

Image of Avery rust bros

Mike's Land has over 400 exotic Muscle cars which are never ending since he is in love with his cars,and can spend close to 5000usd on one round buying cars,he would rather buy than sell
Image of Rust valley vehicles

Connor and Sassy go to the yard to tow the car into the work shop, Cornor laments about it since he will have to move four cars in-oder to get to one.

Image of MUSCLE car being towed

After finally getting to the car the two use the winch to pull the car into the truck

Image of MUSCLE car being towed

They Drive it to the Shop where they will spend close to even 3 weeks depending on the situation of the car.

Image of MUSCLE car being towed Psssst,for spoilers Cornor ends up buying the car from the dad at less than $35,000USD since he falls in love with it Image of MUSCLE car being towed

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Image of MUSCLE car being towed