Image of kenya mpya and super metro

So,there is this day I got screwed by Eastleigh sacco one of supermetro's firm competitors ,I thought it was 50 shillings and I ended up paying 100ksh.But folks really love supermetro

Image of supermetro minibus

If its at 7:00am in Juja to Nairobi .Super metro charges 100ksh while "others" charge 80ksh.

Image of juja stage for super metro

Super metro gets all the customers,since despite a slight high price.

Image of Alan driving a petrol manual in kiamburoad

Customers will wait on line despite there being other Mini-buses offering the same service to Nairobi at a cheap price.

Image of a sunny day in juja

On lopha travelers along thika road on an Isuzu

Image of sptite billboard

A sprite billboard along ruiru..

Image of Thika Superhighway BRT station

On Thika super highway.When the ma3 is not operating on the service lane you are able to save time since its express

A lopha traveler minibus mini-acident

lopha travelers minibus

KNHA on the rescue..

Image of KENHA

Kenya mpya one of super metro competitors.Operating from Thika to Nairobi

Image of KENHA