Terrific Tue.

Image of chepchikoni rockin

So did my Terrific Tuesday start with Chepchikoni getting pissed at me and angry and later on telling me that am unproffesional for sending her

Image of a bitch is not here

Or was it that b*tch who just replied to my text 5 hours later telling me that "sometimes she doesnt trust me?"

Image of a mercedes axor

Ok lets fast forward since morning hours are gone its now 4:10 pm and outside the assembly point is a mercedes AXOR

Image of a mercedes axor in fresha githunguri

Trying To make a Turn so it causes disruption.

Image of a petrol tanker 40,000 litres in Githunguri Kiambu

Yes thats 40,000 Litres of Gasoline suggesting that the AXOR is really fatigued towing this tanker

Image of Githunguri

The main agenda is for the driver to proceed to the weighbridge and the space seems to be quite a challenge..

Image of AXOR making a reverse

Yeah reverse it Driver,

Image of fresha dairy assembly point

And after reversing the driver goes on and does something strange ,He starts pumping the truck with pressure..

Image of a mercedes AXOR climbing a hill

The process takes 5 minutes since the truck is loaded and at the same time climbing the Hill

Image of KENHA

Sooner than later the driver now starts to climb the uphill,

Image of fresha dairy assembly point

And thats exactly what the driver intended..

Image of a Garden city

So am on my way Home.In garden city to take a leak

Image of KENHA

The tree looks sexy

Image of KENHA

At Juakali marurui 8:00pm