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Top Rides Motors

Is Located Along Garden Estate Road ,Few minutes drive Exit Thika Road

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The Big Kahuna Car Yard Is Just Few Minutes From a Leading Car Dealer A-plus motors

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With Top Rides Motor,Visually speaking they mainly specialize on high end SUV , Trucks and Mostly Prime Movers

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Toyota Fortuner 2016

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  • 2800cc auto diesel, , steering controls
  • Location : Garden Estate Road, next to Roasters Inn
  • Extremely clean vehicle, leather interior
  • 7 seater, alloy rims, fog lights
  • Price: 6.2M

Available Cars By Top Rides Motors Garden Esate

  1. Toyota Landcruiser 100series, 4200cc auto diesel, 2006 model, leather interior, sunroof, 4M
  2. Toyota Fortuner, 2800cc auto diesel, 2017 model local, extremely clean, 6.8M
  3. Toyota Landcruiser, 4700cc auto petrol, 2014 model, fresh import, 8.5M
  4. BMW 523i, 2500cc auto petrol, 2011 model, extremely clean vehicle, leather interior, 1.75M
  5. 2008 Toyota Rav4 2400cc auto petrol Price: 1.35M
  6. 2006 Toyota Landcruiser 4200cc auto diesel,7 seater, sunroof, mechanically fit Price: 4M
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0733 444 100/ 0756 000 333 / 0714 107 486

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