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Naro Moru Route - Climbing Mount Kenya Summit

Ok,this is wrong I shouldn't start with this Image,anywhy,, while here this is the best view you can have of Mt Kenya 5:57 AM and to be sure of having a view of it..MLIMA KENYA,,, 6 AM is the time

naromoru township primary school

So I should start from here,this is exactly where my journey started

Naromoru Township Primary

So after arriving in Narumoru I frequent this frequented butchery/Hotel at Narumoru Town and I want head

Naromoru Township Pry School Naromoru

So after 10 minutes the lady brings the 1/2 goat head

Image of Mount Kenya Climb Via Burguret Chogoria Route

and I then ask for Ugali

Image of mount kenya climbing burguret chogoria traverse 6 day

But she complains of me taking pictures

Image of sirimon route mount kenya

Fast forward guys,So at home there is this Cabin House which i bet no one resides in it

Image of mount kenya point lenana

See,no sign of nobody.the owner just lets grass grow then sell it as hay

Image of point lenana mount kenya height

Back at Home.Sorry Goose ,they belong to the neighbor

Image of  Mount Kenya Trekking & Climbing

I was just about to type that its 420

Image of CORAZON at a nigt club

PS this is another day,Ugali Kiporo then go to sleep

Image of Mount Kenya Trek /Burguret /Chogoria

Sales Day!


Selling white solid and the best thing I love about sales day is meeting new people as you travel

Image of Shipton's camp (Sirimon route)

I guess this is on our way to Kiganjo

Image of  Narumoru/ Msafiri Prime Plots in Kieni

The viewwws

Image of

I wasn't wrong,and here is at CHaka just past Kiganjo.It was a good sales day

Image of

Can we verify that it was a gr**8 sales day?

Image of CORAZON kwamboka airbnb

Pussy cats waiting for milk

Image of CORAZON kwamboka airbnb

Pussy cats drinking the milk at 6:00 AM

Image of

So today we are on the top of MUHOYA hills this is now Aberdare region since the Muhoya hills neighbors Aberdare

Image of

Aerial view of Nyeri High School

Image of CORAZON at a nigt club

Gear three,Gear Two and worst of all Gear One.

Image of CORAZON kwamboka airbnb

But Nyeri now sucks we have been there for three consecutive days and its getting monotonous to me

Image of

Okay we've got some visitors

Shivers because at this pont was the start of our end,we almost wasted a half day due to bureaucracy and shit

But we have to travel anyway and past view is mount kenya,The clouds favoured us today

And in Laikipia is a family woman selling Gasoline for survival

We are actually at Ngobit, and this wrecked 20 foot container impresses me

Just along the way I see this New Holland

Back Home.Lets farm babe

Ok guys

This are just random shots

Just to


Nikisimamisha mkono,Kushuka ni pesa kijana!

Ok,am tired